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I’d bet that a crapton of people tried the hiper popular, and as well, browser games that can act as amazing time wasters, perfect for those dead moments in which we can’t do anything useful and we need to unwind.

I would also bet that those people may not have tried, which is the latest clone that I’ve checked out recently. The gameplay is quite similar, but adds a ton of stuff to the general experience, like the ability to create parties, or use hundreds of different skins (and we can even upload our own skins) Skins are custom textures for our avatar, we can even choose some which are based on popular pop culture stuff like Pikachu from Pokemon, or country flags, etc.


In order to play all we have to do is get a modern browser (basically, any web browser) have Java up to date, and an Internet connection.
Got all that? Go to and click «play for free».

That will take you to the server selection screen, where you can input your name and choose your server location.
Once we are ingame we can move with the mouse cursor (point and your ball will move to that location) and we will have to «eat» the smaller balls (which may include other players).

Pressing spacebar will let us divide (which is really useful when we are bigger) and we will have to avoid bigger balls, or green obstacles which will kill us if we try to eat them.
Simple, right? Hopefully you will enjoy as much as we did!

Ah, and if you get a party invite you can choose whether to accept it or not.


How to use skins in is one of the most popular derivatives, and one of its best advantages over its predecessor is that users can choose from a multitude of skins, and even upload their own custom designs (there’s an incredible amount of variety even if we don’t choose to do the latter)

If you want to add a new skin to you will have to open the game’s main website ( click on «play for free» and once that window opens, click on «skins».

Then we’ll get a new window in our web browser and we’ll have to click «submit skin» if we want to add our stuff. Before we can do that we’ll need to sign up for a forum account, which is quite easy too. Click the link that you’ll find on that same page (the one that says «You must have a verified forum account to submit skins, Click here to create one.»).

That will open a new tab, which is On that website we’ll need to click on «register» and then agree to abide the forum’s terms and conditions. A form will appear, asking for username, password, confirmation, email and email confirmation.
Additional information may be required but it won’t be necessary for our needs. We will also need to provide our ingame name.

Once all that is done, we’ll have to complete the CAPTCHA and click on «submit registration»

With that out of the way, we should go to the «submit skin» website that we left earlier, input our forum username and skin name, input our skin image (which must be uploaded to imgur), solve the CAPTCHA again and click «submit»

After all that we just have to wait until it’s approved and then we’ll be able to select it ingame!

pikachu skin playing

In order to use skins we just have to go to the skin gallery, take note of the skin names that we want to use, then go to the main game website and in our name field input our desired username and between brackets, the skin name. For instance, if we wanted to use Pikachu we’d have to write: username [pikachu]

And that’s it! Have fun folks!


How to download for PC is one of the most successful clones out there. As a time wasting tool it has no equal, and thanks to several innovations like being able to play with a party of friends, or being able to use a great amount of skins, it’s one of the best things that we could ask for when we have a boring office day (or even a boring school day, hehe).

One of the things that sets apart from the rest of the clones is that we can even download it and play it from a local folder in our computer, without using our internet browser at all. That’s really useful when we are playing it in a sneaky way, or when we are using the internet browser for something more important.


In order to download we have to go to its webpage ( and click a button in the top bar which says «download».

Then, we’ll get a webpage which lets us select our operating system, so we can download gota.exe for windows, or gota.jar for Unix based OS, like Linux or Mac.

Remember that we need the latest version of Java installed in order to use our local installation, so we should also go to and download Java 8.

On our first game launch we’ll get a window with the terms of use, if we agree we just have to click yes and the game will start, allowing us to choose our username and the server in which we desire to play.
Simple, right? We hope you’ll enjoy as much as we did!


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